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Racing Programme Update!

Wed, 7th May 2014

Belay my last! Racing programme is now displayed as a document on front page of site for public access!


Tue, 6th May 2014

Apologies to all for the lack of a racing programme! It has been written and will be published soon. Tomorrow,7 May, is the second of the series but as we have only had three eligible boats on moorings from today, it may or may not happen!

Living as we do on the West Coast of Scotland we are doubly fortunate in having instant access to what many believe to be the best cruising area in the world. The list is endless and facilities – if you want them - are increasing all the time.

This is the part of the club that is committed to encouraging local people to learn to sail and enjoy the experience of belonging to a boat club. The Community Sailing has been going now for about 4 years and the main aim of the project is to encourage our community to come along and join in sailing and learn more about it. Over the season we have worked to help our sailors gain RYA dinghy stage certifications. We have had many younger people work through stages 1-4 with success.

We start all new sailors in Wayfarers and with an individual instructor; they learn the basics and start to feel what life on the water is like. Over the 6 weeks, confidence increases and those who wish to move to Toppers do so. We have recently got a Mirror dinghy which is a two person boat so that the less confident can buddy up more easily. We usually meet on Monday evenings at 5.30pm at Glencoe Boat Club and finish our session around 8pm. If the weather is good then we have "Barbeque and Juice" and a little more fun. We have had some very promising sailors with us who have been sailing for Kinlochleven High School in the Brown Cup which is an inter-schools sailing event. We look forward to working with the High School to support this regatta.

Three of our sailors now are members of the Scottish sailing squads: Erin Mills is in the 420 squad, Ryan MacIntyre is in the Topper squad and Ruaridh Mills is in the Optimist squad. Parents and siblings are encouraged to come along and help out and with improvements being carried out in the dinghy shed; life ashore is very pleasant! This year we will be starting our Community Sailing on May 9th and those who are interested should come along on that evening and join in. This first block of sailing will last for 6 weeks, culminating with the Club Regatta on Saturday June 18th where they can all take part.

Karl Griffin is now the pirate in charge of Community Sailing and he is supported by our other members - Paul Mills is senior instructor, instructors are Ryan Tozer and assistant instructor is Jill Mills. The rescue squad include Peter Watt, Ewen Lawrie, Barry Robertson, Chris Williams, Stuart Robertson and Simon Ingram. Invaluable help from parents Keelie, Richard, Eileen, Jo, Frances and Alan complete our recent shore based team.

Our Clubhouse is situated adjacent to the A82 at Tighphuirt. Access is restricted so please contact us before visiting. Use of the pontoon and visitor moorings can also be arranged in advance. For all enquiries please call the Commodore, Robert Watt, on 001495 822413.

Have fun boat racing on English waters

Every year many boat - racing events take place in England. The English people, but also many tourists and other people from all around the world come to be a part of that amazing events and make something special from it. We should just take it as a fact, that people from England are those who know the most about sport.

Back to boat racing - one of the most interesting competitions is the one between Oxford and Cambridge, the two ever - lasting opponents, that goes all the way from Putney to Mortlake. It takes place on the river Thames in London. It is a 7 kilometer long route. Every year you go there and not only enjoy the competition, but also meet interesting people from all around the British Island and even from all around Europe and the world. You can of course also party 'til the sun goes up. If you can't manage to find someone, and don't want to go there alone and watch the boat race, you can find a London escort on and enjoy the competition as well as have some fun.

Interesting facts

Last year, in 2015, a female team had the chance to compete as well. But not against the men, of course. The boat racing in the category of male teams is pretty short, the record is  16 minutes and 19 seconds. This record is set in year 1998 by the Cambridge team. Regardless of that, the parties are spread all over the day and night.

You should find a place for yourself in a pub near the river very early in the morning, because later it becomes overcrowded and you can't find even a place where you can stand, especially not a place to sit down and enjoy your beer. Keep on mind that you should never stay to close to the river, because the emergency team boat and the boat with photographers and live broadcasters are quite big and they make huge waves, so that the people that stand too close to the river get totally wet.

It does not happen rarely that a whole team together with the boat sinks. The biggest possibility for them to do that is on the last quarter of the route, exactly under the Barnes Bridge. The wind meeting is pretty strong there and there is the incoming tide also which creates dangerously choppy water. The men from Cambridge went down on that exactly point in 1978.

In 1898 became the men from Cambridge soaking wet, but they still manage to finish the race. In 1925 and 1951, Oxford sunk even before the race started, because of a howling gale. And in 1912 these two boats sank so the race had to be replanned for the following day.

More than 300.000 people come to London every year on that day and the days before just to be a part of this boat race. Please take care of your places in the pubs, there are not many that have a perfect view on the race, so it is very important to reserve a place before it gets takes. Blue Anchor, Dove, Old Ship, Black Lion and Crabtree are a few of the best ones. We wish you a nice time in London and enjoy your beer during the race!

Fri, 16th May 2014